The Beauty Behind The Brand: Indre Butkeviciute

The Beauty Behind The Brand: Indre Butkeviciute

The beauty of discovering other women’s travel survival kits, means that we can get all the invaluable advice without actually having to calls all your girlfriends! So if like our beauty team, you like to refreshen your travel routine daily but are time-short, then continue reading as these women’s tips are worth the read. Travel Fabulously, was founded by a strong independent woman, who wanted to continue to meet other likeminded women and highlight their successes; so this series was made to cater to that.

Indre Butkeviciute is the brainchild behind the successful wealth planning, investment and advisory company that is Lily Advisory; a brand aimed towards aiding powerful women to achieve their full potential. Thus for this reason, we are delighted to share our exclusive interview on how she stays looking effortlessly chic.


What does luxury travel mean to you?

“The way I think about luxury travel is probably quite different from the generic understanding of luxury. For me, it is mainly about travelling to more off the beaten track destinations and immersing myself into the culture and local living, because it certainly is not always an easy task.”

Do you have a holiday booked for this summer?

“I am getting married in June in Italy, so we will take a week off after the wedding and travel around the Amalfi coast, visiting Naples, Ischia and Procida islands.”

Where would you recommend our readers to visit this summer?

“The destinations are certainly endless, but I do always love staying in Europe in the summer. My top three based on my own experiences would be: Sardinia, Malta, Amalfi Coast.”

Is there a place you’re dying to go but haven’t been yet?

“I absolutely adore travelling, so in all honesty I want to travel to wherever I haven’t been. It is hard to trying to choose just one place, but perhaps my top 3 would be Japan, the Azores and Bora Bora.”

What do you tend to pack for travelling?

“I don’t like travelling with heavy suitcases, so generally when I’m travelling for short periods, I will just bring hand luggage with a few essentials which is enough. Though when I’m travelling for longer periods I always have one backpack and whatever fits in there. In terms of clothing, I always try and make sure I have: comfy and easy to mix and match outfits, one comfy pair of shoes and one heels or platforms, flip flops for summer and the essential beauty products.

Generally I always live by the rule that as long as you have your passport and your credit card, you’re sorted.”

Do you tend to over-pack or are you a light flyer?

“I’m definitely a light flyer, I normally pack even less than my fiancé!”

What mode of transport, do you like using when travelling?

“I tend to travel either by plane or car.”

What do you wear whilst travelling?

“I have no special outfit but whatever I wear must be comfy. I normally tend to wear jeans, a t-shirt and jumper with trainers, or a comfy and loose dress.”

What do you tend to pack for a holiday?

“I always try and pack things that I don’t get to wear in London and factor in space too, that determines what makes the cut. Though for each trip, I change it around so each outfit gets a chance to be worn.”

What skin type do you have?

“I have combination skin.”

How do you get glowing skin whilst on holiday?

“That is a tough question and one I really struggle with, so I can’t even claim to always have glowing skin. I am very conscious of the damage that prolonged periods in the sun can do to your skin. So I tend to use factor 50 protection on my face and wear a hat to cover it, when in the sun. In addition, I always make sure I hydrate and exfoliate on a daily basis when on holiday.”

What product do you use, to help avoid the heat?

“I love the range of products that Dermalogica offer, I have to say and in the summer I use Protection 50 Sport.”

What five products is a must-have for you, during the summer?

“Protection 50 Sport [mentioned above], the Antioxidant Hydramist also from Dermalogica throughout the day to keep my skin hydrated, the After Sun Repair [also by Dermalogica] and the Gazelli Skincare Illuminating Perfecting Skincare Polish for exfoliation.”

Do you wear makeup on holiday? If not, what do you put on your skin?

“During the day I don’t wear any makeup and I just wear sun protection. Though in the evenings I will wear light makeup.”

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